About Me

Hi, I’m Louise Carolan, and thank you for visiting Steps to Wellness.

I’m a Wellness Coach and I’m extremely passionate about helping groups and individuals to build mental strength and resilience, in a fun, friendly environment that promotes positivity and happiness habits. This helps my clients to become stronger, happier individuals who can deal with the stresses of everyday life in a more positive, in-control way.

I have done vast amounts of study in the areas of health and well-being, executive and life coaching and am also a fully certified Laughter Yoga Leader. I’m also a full time Mam to 2 beautiful little ladies.

My background was in the Insurance Industry, where I enjoyed over 10 years working as a Sales Advisor. I left this role after being diagnosed with Post Natal Depression, which subsequently triggered an anxiety disorder. At that time, I was completely oblivious to mental health and wellness and was unaware that the were any coping strategies, other than the ones prescribed by the GP. After 3 very hard years, I stumbled across a Mindfulness program, and that was the beginning of my Wellness practice journey. I love learning about, and practicing, anything that will boost mental health and be of benefit to the people I work with and I feel extremely privileged that I get to pass on what I’ve learned to others for a living.